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July 2, 2013
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You checked and re-checked again to make sure everything was still in place. Yep, your latest mischievous scheme was ready.

That's right, you were the school's famous prankster. Most knew you as the smart straight-A student that innocently walked the halls. No one, except your best friend, Alfred Jones, knew about your pranks. Sometimes the hero helped you, but most were planned and executed by you. Surprisingly, you never got in trouble. You had earned the name, "Prank Master."

Today, your targets where the 3 snottiest, stuck-up, popular girls in school. They constantly strutted around in their expensive designer clothes they knew others couldn't afford. Not only that but they always rude to others and made them feel like trash. You hated people like them, so as a result, they were your next targets.

You glanced down at your watch; class would be ending soon. Like clockwork, your targets were always the first ones out of the room. Waiting for them was a bucket of sticky slime placed above the door. The count down began; not much longer. "15, 14, 13, 12, 11..." Quickly taking place in a shady spot, the countdown continued. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" The bell screamed, signaling for students to exit their classes. Then, it happened. There was a yell, but didn't sound like three snot-nosed brats.

Cautiously peeking around from the hiding spot, you saw someone covered from head to toe in green, slimy ooze. That person just so happened to be your long time crush, Vladimir. Those piercing red eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and that fang... Gosh that fang! You felt bad that he had gotten caught in your little scheme. By now the hall was full of students that had crowded around to see Romania, who in turn just shrugged it off and went to go clean up.

"Hey, dude," Alfred said coming up behind you to meet with a fist bump. "Nice one." "Yeah, they never get tired of the classics," You said, returning the fist bump. "Too bad it was the wrong target though." The original intentions were probably long gone by now. "Eh, you'll get 'em tomorrow." At that moment, the piercing sound of the school bell rang. "Better get to class before I'm late... again. Later, ______." Alfred said, before heading off to class. You stayed behind, waiting for the halls to clear so you could clean your mess.

Once the coast was clear, you rushed over to grab your bucket and clean what little slime was left. You didn't even hear the sound of footsteps coming up from behind. "Well lookie here..." You immediately froze. "Who would have ever thought that "Little Miss Straight-A Student" would be the so called "Prank Master." Spinning around, you came face-to-face with Romania.

You noticed that he no longer wore his green trench coat that must have taken the blow from the prank earlier. "Don't tell anyone..." You pleaded, desperate to stay anonymous. He chuckled, "I won't. In fact, I'm willing to help you take your pranks to the next level." Was he serious? You knew Vlad pretty well but you didn't think he was the type to be mischievous. "To the next level, huh?" You questioned. Vlad only smirked, revealing thatdarned fang that you loved so much.

~Time Skip: Next Day~

You and Vlad had spent all night thinking of pranks. There were so many ideas that it had to be narrowed down to only a few. Now the both of you were running around the school, making the final touches before the bell rang. There had been an announcement for all of the students gather in the courtyard for a surprise. When everything was complete, you and Vlad hid and waited for the mayhem to unfold.

The bell rang; that was your cue. You waited for the hall to get completely filled with unsuspecting students. With the pull of a cord that hung from the ceiling in your little hiding spot, a few holes in the ceiling of the hallway opened up. Thousands of little bouncy balls fell down from above, many hitting the floor and bouncing back up for long periods of time, other hitting innocent bystanders in the head, causing some to take shelter under notebooks. But that, that was only the beginning.

A few minutes later, students had started to gather in the courtyard after being pelted by mini bouncing balls. Many were sitting down on the edge of the school's huge fountain, chatting about the event that happened in the hall. They were so engrossed in the their conversations that they had no clue about what was going on behind them. A huge mountain of red, yellow, and blue bubbles started rising up from the water. Some saw it in time and moved away, quite a few poor souls had gotten swallowed up by the massive amount of bubbles and tried to escape. Phase two was done, but it still wasn't the end.

By now, you and Vladimir had made your way onto the roof of the school that overlooked the courtyard. Both of your were marveling at your work done so far. "Gata pentru faza trei, frumos?" Vlad asked in his native language. You nodded. Wait, did he just call you beautiful in Romanian?

For this last stunt, you needed a little more help. Calling on some of your other friends, Alfred, Arthur, Prussia, and Germany to help assist. The 6 of you each had a bucket filled to the brim with water balloons. On your cue, all of you started hurling them to the ground below. Students everywhere got soaked with water. Even the music teacher, poor Mr. Edelstein got nailed with one as he ran for cover. Today, would go down in history.

~Half hour Later~

School was over. Everyone was gone except for you and Romania; someone had to clean up that mess. After picking up the last few mini bouncy balls, you felt something hit you in the back. Turning to see what it was, you saw Vlad instead, holding a mini ball. "Missed one." he said as he put it with the others. There was a small silence.

"Uhm... Vlad? Did you call me "beautiful" earlier?" the Romanian man stiffened. He did say that; it had slipped out. A small blush crept onto his face as he nodded. "Why?" "Because you're a beautiful, smart, and a heck of a prankster, ______. Also... Te iubesc." Your eyes widened, but softened as you smiled and pulled him into a hug. "Si eu te iubesc, Vlad." He said before giving you a sweet peck on the lips.

"So what kind of prank are we doing tomorrow, ______?" "Well we're gonna need silly bands and feathers... lots of feathers..." You started to explain as the both of you walked out of the school hand-in-hand, now the "Master Pranksters."
What the heck did I just write... Pretty sure this is my longest reader insert so far.

Inspiration for this story came from my love of pulling pranks, something I never get tired of doing. Never pulled any pranks that were mentioned in the story, though. I'm not that bold.

Sorry if Romania seems a little bit ooc. I haven't really seen his character in action so... I tried. Crappy ending is crappy.

Gata pentru faza three, frumos? = Ready for phase three, beautiful?
Te iubesc. = I love you.
Si eu te iubesc. = I love you, too.

Comments are welcomed.

Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
Plot (c) :icontoxiccyberwolf:
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BENartlover Feb 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I live in Romania and right now i'm like Fuck yea!I love this fanfiction!
Oh! Sequel! Please? I really want to know the next prank!
mbkwg2000 Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What cold involve silly bands and feathers...?
StarSapphire9601 Dec 20, 2013
well then...fluffy indeed!
SexyHotRussianBoy101 Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love pranks
When you tell a girl that she is beautiful in romanian you say frumoaso, not frumos, that is used for guys
Anyway, awesome story and really well written 
AuraPhoenixx Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Feathers huh? I just thought of the best prank ever~! .... And silly bands..... YEP THAT'LL WORK! Maybe another bucket of slime and....... by personal choice.... BEADS! LOTS AND LOTS OF BEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...Maybe some glue and a marker as well. *Rushes off to random brat's locker, items in hand* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA
ToxicCyberWolf Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I approve this comment! Thumbs Up  :thumbsup: 
ToshikoYoshikuni Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
SPOILER ALERT: I was aiming for Mr Edelstein with that water balloon. SORRYNOTSORRY
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